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Welcome to the-digital-sun

At the-digital-sun we focus on providing solutions to your problems in IT. Given a desired destination, we can implement a solution to get you there. From web related projects, to networking and security oriented projects we provide a tailored approach and implementation that can solve your unique problem.

Why open source?


At the-digital-sun.com we implement open source solutions that can mostly save on vendor licensing fees on both upfront, and sometimes a recurring basis. This approach also provides the freedom to tackle nearly any problem through a variety of modules, additions, or 'tweaks' to the software and/or operating system.

Why green is in.

At the-digital-sun we hold the position that being environmentally conscious in regards to your computing infrastructure has the added benefits of cost savings after initial capital investment. Using green technologies to empower your IT infrastructure is a method of offsetting costs, among other things. Not only can renewable energies provide an added layer of autonomy, it can also accent a previously implemented power delivery setup.

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